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The Underground Academy of Cinematic Arts offers beginning and advanced courses in narrative, documentary, and informational/educational films.


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Introduction to Film Introduction to Film focuses on visual storytelling. Students learn to both interpret films and produce films that involve a three-act story structure with strong characters, conflict, rising action, climax, and resolution.The course introduces students to the filmmaking process, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, directing, and editing. In addition, students explore the use of composition, camera angles, and shots to direct music videos, film essays, and/or short narrative films.
Advanced Film Advanced Film takes an in-depth look at visual storytelling. Through the study and analysis of film texts as well as exercises in filmmaking, students explore film history and theory, enabling them to develop critical thinking skills in analyzing themes and historical perspectives in film. Students develop the professional, technical, and organizational skills needed to express themselves creatively in film.Advanced Film emphasizes the importance of working both individually and as a member of a small group to create a 9-30 minute narrative film.
CAF 201
Introduction to Documentary Film As non-fictional films, documentaries seek the truth by showing behavior or bringing to life significant people and/or events. Through the study and analysis of documentary films, students explore film history and theory, enabling them to develop critical thinking skills in analyzing historical perspectives in documentary film. Throughout the semester, students will create a 6-8 minute documentary.
CAF 202
Advanced Documentary Film In Advanced Documentary Film, students take an in-depth look at historical perspectives in documentary film. Through film screenings and analysis, students gain a more developed perspective of documentary filmmaking, culminating in the production of a 9-30 minute documentary film.
CAF 203
Introduction to Info/Educational Films Digital media is used extensively today in schools and businesses to present ideas, teach concepts, and/or present study results. The tools for creating such presentations are available to almost anyone, but it takes more than knowing a tool to create an effective film.In this course, students study the history of film genres and filming techniques, focusing specifically on informational, educational, and corporate videos. Through a service-learning project, students learn how to script, storyboard, film, and edit a 6-8 minute educational/informational film using communication principles such as audience analysis, problem solving models, and visual design theory.
CAF 204
Advanced Info/ Educational Films The Advanced Info/Educational Films course builds upon the principles introduced in CAF 203 with a more in-depth study of these film types. Students are teamed with either a local company, nonprofit, or school to create a 9-30 minute informational/educational film throughout the semester.

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